What is School Choice?


School Choice is… 

…a common sense idea that gives parents the power and freedom to choose the  child’s education  to better serve students’ needs and priorities.

…a public policy that allows parents to choose a district, charter, or private school, regardless of residence and location. 

Common Sense

School choice gives parents the freedom to choose a school based on its quality and their child’s needs, not their home address.

Parental Power and Freedom

Most people can’t afford to pay twice for education, once in taxes and again in private school tuition. School choice gives parents financial power and flexibility by letting them use public funds set aside for education to send their children to the school of their choice—public or private, near or far, religious or secular—whatever works best for their children. Currently in Montana, children are assigned to a public school based on where their parents live. School districts, in nearly all cases, control local monopolies that dictate the terms and conditions of education for students and schools. School choice gives parents the freedom to choose the type of education that is best for their child.  

school_diploma.jpgHealthy Competition and Effective Schools

Most schools in America still operate using a 19th century industrial model for delivering goods and services. Today, schools generally do not function in a way that can effectively meet the specific needs and priorities of every unique child. School choice forces all schools—public and private—to compete and innovate in order to offer the best education possible to attract and retain students.

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commented 2014-12-31 02:22:35 -0700
“Most schools in America still operate using a 19th century industrial model for delivering goods and services” completely agree with you. Competitive environment help to sort out the hidden abilities of the students every students have degree but what special or extra thing you have it’s the creative approach and the way to learning the things which only possible when someone teaching you with a way to find the new ways. http://radiology-technician-salary.net/montana/
commented 2014-08-15 01:55:20 -0600
There are several of the parents who are confused that Which school there children has need to go? What is the best career for there children question of these answer not quiet easy. Before getting enroll your student in a schools always consider these factor. What is the culture of the schools ? How much teacher care for the students growth? Now same as for the career. Make sure that you have clearly seen the salary range and the growth of the profession. Like a medical assistant are earning almost 5%higher as compare to national average of salary in montane. http://medical-assistant-salary.net/montana/ so make sure that Is the career is perfect for the location you are living in.
commented 2013-11-06 19:45:09 -0700
TY :)
followed this page 2013-04-28 20:46:24 -0600
commented 2013-04-25 11:40:22 -0600
When I said 20%, what I meant is that the $1.8 billion K-12 budget is 20% of the state entire $9 billion budget.
commented 2013-04-25 11:38:10 -0600
Kevin, I think all we can expect to get – if anything due to the politics of the issue – is a partial rebate of the taxes that we pay to the state and local school district for the cost of subsidizing public education. My estimates are that average homeowning, taxpaying parents pay about $1,000 to 1,500 in taxes annually to subsidize the K-12 system. Annually, that’s about $700 in property taxes (~$200,000 home) that go to the local school district, and about $300-$700 in income taxes that are directed to the state’s share of the education budget, which is about 20%, or $1.8 billion. So, the $550 tuition tax credit is designed to partially reduce the burden of paying taxes for a system that you don’t use, i.e. public education. Obviously, we’re not going to get a tax credit for the full cost of annual tuition for a even one, two, or three children. If it’s any encouragement, we make the sacrifice for the sake of God’s plan for our lives. Although I think a tuition tax credit is justified morally and spiritually, I’m quite content if I don’t receive any earthly reward for practicing my faith.
commented 2013-02-01 13:11:30 -0700
This sounds fantastic! However, can you please tell us which of the bills introduced in January addresses your statement “people can’t afford to pay twice for education, once in taxes and again in private school tuition.”? I don’t see one that does…the $550.00 tax credit “sticks it’s toe in the water”, but is a far cry from the $4k to $7k per student for grade school tuition in a private school we parents sacrafice immensly to try to pay.
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