SB 374--previously HB 315 Public Charter Schools; Rep. Dave Lewis

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This bill has been re-introduced, this time into the Senate, after failing 3rd reading in the House.  It would allow Montanans to form public Charter Schools. Public funded Charter Schools exist in almost all states. A “Charter” is essentially a contract between the charter organizers and an authorizer. The charter is a plan of how the school will be operated and who it will serve. 

Charter schools are not bound by most of the current regulations required of public schools and they can be as innovative as the organizers desire. Communities, parents and teachers work together to determine student needs and develop a public charter that is tailored to those needs. They encourage innovative programs through flexibility in curriculum, teaching methods and allocation of funds and increased learning opportunities for higher achievement.  In exchange for this greater flexibility,  public charter schools are held to a high degree of academic and fiscal accountability .

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